Metro Central Transfer Station

  • Entrance at Metro Central Transfer Station

    Entrance at Metro Central Transfer Station

    Metro Central Transfer Station serves local commercial garbage haulers, offering a central location to unload garbage rather than take it all the way to Metro Park East Landfill. The consolidated trash is loaded into Metro Waste Authority semi-trailers and then transported to the landfill.

  • Scale


    Commercial garbage haulers use this facility to unload residential and business garbage. In addition to being more convenient for haulers, this facility also reduces the truck traffic at the landfill. This is the scale used to weigh the commercial trucks. The facility is not open to residents.

  • Unloading


    Commercial garbage haulers unload on the floor throughout the day. This is a City of Des Moines garbage truck. Des Moines Public Works provides collection for its curbside programs.

  • View from Inside Metro Central Transfer Station

    View from Inside Metro Central Transfer Station

    The garbage is pushed from the floor into a semi-trailer in the tunnel below. The garbage is also compacted in the trailer to maximize the amount delivered to the landfill.

  • Semi-Trailer Entering Tunnel

    Semi-Trailer Entering Tunnel

    The semi-trailer enters a tunnel behind and under the work area of Metro Central Transfer Station. This allows for the garbage to be pushed from above into the waiting trailer.

  • Exiting the Tunnel

    Exiting the Tunnel

    Once the semi-trailer is filled and compacted with garbage. It exits the transfer station's tunnel.

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4198 Delaware Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50313




The Metro Central Transfer Station is open to pre-approved customers only and is not open to the public. The public is directed to dispose of their garbage at the Metro Park East Landfill

Monday to Friday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Holiday Hours

Closed on major holidays. View Holiday Hours & Closings.

SCRUB Events

This facility hosts Des Moines SCRUB events. Learn more at the City of Des Moines website or call 515.283.4950. 

About the Facility

The Metro Central Transfer Station was established to reduce the number of vehicles traveling to the Metro Park East Landfill. This facility consolidates and transports 75 percent of all residential solid waste and a limited amount of light commercial waste collected within the Polk County area. It also allows residential waste haulers serving Metro Waste Authority's member communities to combine loads and shorten routes -- saving time, fuel and money. This effort also reduces the amount of litter seen along the highway.