News - 2017

Turf Gold Compost Myths: What Do You Know?

posted 3/29/2017
The best way to make your outdoor projects healthy and beautiful this spring is with Turf Gold Compost. This all-natural soil amendment is made right here in the Metro area with your yard waste! ... more

Are Plastic Bags Taking Over Your House? Join the Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap

posted 3/22/2017
Have we got a deal for YOU! As part of our ongoing Bring Your Own Bag campaign, Metro Waste Authority has launched the Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap to communities and residents of the Des Moines Metro. ... more

Curbside Yard Waste Collection Starts April 3

posted 3/15/2017
Curbside Yard Waste Collection through the Compost It! program starts April 3, 2017. Set yourself up for successful curbside collection with a review of how to use bags, stickers or a cart. ... more

The Story of (getting rid of) Stuff

posted 3/8/2017
Whether you are preparing to clean out a parent's house, a baby boomer who is downsizing, or someone just trying to declutter your home... getting rid of stuff is hard, takes time and the world has changed! ... more

Watch Out for the HAZARDS of Spring Cleaning

posted 2/22/2017
Des Moines Metro residents have two free, convenient and safe disposal options for household hazardous materials. The Northwest Drop-Off in Grimes and the Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off in Bondurant. ... more