Green Tips

Reducing Holiday Food Waste from Start to Finish

posted 12/14/2016
Family, fun and FOOD! The holidays can be a time when lots of your meal ends up in the trash. This year, with a little planning and preparation, you can keep waste out of your holiday celebration. ... more

Holiday Precycling

posted 11/23/2016
How can you give less waste this holiday season? Precycle! Plan ahead to avoid excess packaging, reuse items whenever possible and reduce what you buy. These easy precycling tips will make your holiday merry, GREEN and bright. ... more

Eliminate Plastic Bag Litter: Bring Your Own Bag!

posted 11/16/2016
Cut out the use of plastic bags and dramatically reduce your environmental impact. ... more

How to Green Your Halloween

posted 10/26/2016
Do you find yourself buying all new costumes for Halloween every year? Do store-bought decorations always call your name? Switch up your Halloween routine this year and go green with these tips! ... more

Living Green at College

posted 8/17/2016
College schedules can get hectic fast, but being environmentally friendly can be quicker and easier than you think! How can you implement these tips in your life? ... more