Metro Waste Authority Opens Northwest Facility for Residential Trash Drop-off

Des Moines, IA (April 27, 2020) – Beginning Saturday, May 2, Metro Waste Authority will open its Metro Northwest Transfer Station, in Grimes, for residential trash drop-off.

“Many spring clean-up events are postponed due to COVID-19,” Metro Waste Authority Executive Director Michael McCoy stated. “As residents undergo spring cleaning with more time at home, they may have large items they want to get rid of now. As an interim solution, we’re opening our facility in Grimes to residents on Saturdays.”

The Metro Northwest Transfer Station is located at 4105 SE Beisser Drive. It will be open Saturdays 8 AM to 1 PM for residents to bring trash, drop-off recycling, or purchase compost by the bag. Rates for dropping off trash are: 

  • Car                 $10
  • Van/SUV        $15
  • Truck              $20

Some items are not accepted, such as heavy metals, appliances, yard waste, tires, and construction and demolition waste. “If a resident is replacing their roof or has a load of tires, those items need to go directly to the appropriate landfill.”

The event is intended to provide a convenient, safe, and cost-effective disposal option for residents. The following vehicles are not permitted:  dump trailers, tandem axle trailers, trailers over 12 feet, nor are vehicles with sideboards over four feet.

“We are committed to providing safe, smart disposal; and we are proud to serve the evolving needs of the metro,” McCoy stated.

For rates and information, visit our Metro Northwest Transfer Station page or call 515.244.0021


About Metro Waste Authority

Metro Waste Authority provides answers for safe and smart waste disposal and recycling. Whether it is garbage, recyclables, yard waste, hazardous waste, or special waste, we want residents to know where it should go and have the resources to help. Serving Central Iowa, Metro Waste Authority manages Metro Park East Landfill, Metro Park West Landfill, Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off, Metro Compost Center, Metro Central Transfer Station and Metro Northwest Transfer Station. We also facilitate recycling programs such as Curb It! and Compost It! for our member communities. A government agency, Metro Waste Authority is self-funded through fees charged to those who use the landfill and its other services; we do not receive tax dollars.