Posted on April 30, 2021

Saturday, June 5
3-5 PM
Metro Park East Landfill
12181 NE University Ave., Mitchellville, IA
(10 miles east of the fairgrounds)

Have you ever wondered where your trash goes once it leaves your curb? Join Metro Waste Authority on Saturday, June 5 to find out!

From 3-5 PM, the agency is offering a free driving tour of Metro Park East Landfill, the destination for waste created by residents in the metro.

The educational tour will show an up-close look at waste disposal zones, habitat restoration areas, and a variety of innovative recycling initiatives – all from the comfort of your own vehicle! Guests will also be able to enjoy a scavenger hunt and view a garbage truck and other large equipment in action.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Stay in your vehicle at all times.
  • Be considerate of others and maintain steady pace.
  • Stay on the designated tour route.
  • Be cautious of the vehicles around you.
  • Volunteers wearing safety vests will help direct traffic if you have questions.
  • Roads may be muddy due to rain.
  • Have fun!