Commercial Roofs

Business, Apartments & Condos Requirements

Shingles from commercial buildings (anything over a four-plex) are required to have asbestos testing prior to recycling. Testing is simple and can be completed by a local company. We also suggest completing it before you tear off the roof.

Iowa Environmental Services
Cost: $25
Phone: 515.279.8042

Send Results & Permit

Once results are received, you'll also want to complete the Commercial Permit. Then email or fax both documents to:

Special Waste Representative
FAX: 515.967.7965

Schedule Appointment

Once the results and the permit are received, you'll receive verification from the Special Waste Representative. At that time, you can schedule your delivery. Due to the size of commercial loads, appointments are required.

Local Options

Construction & Demolition Debris

Businesses and residents can refer to our online guide to view local options for recycling or safe disposal of these types of materials: