Metro Waste Authority manages Curb It!, the curbside recycling program, but contracts two important functions. Waste Management collects the recyclables from the curb, and Mid America Recycling sorts and resells them.

Customer Service

Collection: 515.244.7336, Waste Management, hauler

  • Friday is Your Collection Day
  • Missed Collection
  • Set out time & tips: Read Cart Placement guidelines for details.

Start/Stop Service: 515.283.8700, Des Moines Water Works


  • Recycling service begins when water service is requested. If it's a new home, choose a 96- or 48-gallon cart at this time. The cart will be delivered shortly after.
  • A cart should come with existing homes, but if not, call City Hall.


  • Recycling service ends when water is canceled.
  • When you move, leave your cart with the house.

General Questions: 515.244.0021, Metro Waste Authority

Request an Extra Cart: 515.244.0021, Metro Waste Authority

Cart Inquiries: 515.244.7336, Waste Management, hauler

  • Request a different cart size. Choose between 96- and 48-gallons.
  • Call if the cart is broken or stolen.

Apartments & Townhomes

Recycling Drop-Offs

Residents can take recyclables to one of the Recycling Drop-Offs around the metro.