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If you're an educator in the metro area, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate an environmental message into your curriculum. Check out some of our resources below.

Environmental Learning Center

Metro Waste Authority converted a farm property, located on the southeast corner of Metro Park East Landfill, into a learning center for environmental education. In addition to the converted house, the property is home to 500 acres of restored prairie, wetland, and forest. Through a partnership with SE Polk School District and Drake University, this location hosts learning opportunities for teachers.

The property is free to reserve for school districts and homeschool groups in our service area.


Classroom Education

Teachers can choose from a variety of presentations that include hands on learning activities that get kids really thinking about waste, the impact it has on the environment, and what we can do. 


Professional Development

Metro Waste Authority is offering a professional development for Polk County educators in 2021. The program is built for 16 teachers and offers an in-depth look at watersheds. It is tailored to ecosystems local to central Iowa and will provide teachers with the skills and background to teach their students about waters quality and watershed health. 

#203176 HL - Environmental Ed. Workshop for Teachers: Developing Problem-Based Learning (Graduate Level)

What's In Your Watershed