Thanksgiving Holiday Collection Delay.

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online learnning

School is back in session, but this year’s return to learning is unlike any other! Whether you’re in the classroom, remote, or doing a little bit of both, Metro Waste Authority is excited to continue providing engaging, exciting, and informative educational programming for students and teachers! .

Beginning mid-November, Metro Waste Authority will be offering teachers and students an immersive and engaging virtual field trip to Metro Park East. Loaded with 360-degree interactive photos, videos, games, phenomena, and multimedia resources of all kinds, these field trips provide content that meets both Iowa Core Social Studies standards and NGSS Science standards, while simultaneously promoting technology and engineering practices and understanding. Each field trip is carefully planned and curated to be developmentally appropriate and accessible to all learners, with offerings specially designed for the following grade spans: k-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Using Thinglink as our field trip platform, we  provide a fully immersive multimedia experience that is intuitive and powerful. Forget about a learning curve! As if that isn’t enough, Thinglink is also accessible across all internet-capable devices, without download, and can easily be shared through most LMS platforms.

While this year will be different, one thing that hasn’t changed is that Metro Waste Authority is working to keep pace with you, adapting wherever we can, to continue to be your partner in education.

For more information about our virtual learning opportunities, email us or call 515.244.0021.