Let's All Go To The Landfill

landfill tour

We are proud of our landfill, so we're happy to share it with you! We have a few different options when it comes to landfill tours. You can choose what works best for you.

NEW! Virtual Tour of Metro Park East Landfill

Beginning in Mid-November, we will be offering teachers and students an immersive, engaging virtual field trip to Metro Park East Landfill. Loaded with 360-degree interactive photos, videos, games, and multimedia resources, the field trip provides content that meets both Iowa Core Social Studies standards and NGSS science standards. 

Landfill Tours for the Classroom

Are you a teacher interested in a landfill tour for your classroom? Students will learn about garbage, recycling, composting, and methane gas during our driving tour of Metro Park East Landfill. These tours typically last between 60- 75 minutes and groups must provide their own transportation. Fill out the form below if you are interested in a landfill tour for your classroom. 

Public Landfill Tours

Every Fall and Spring, Metro Waste Authority offers a landfill tour to the public. This landfill tour is approximately 90 minutes (including drive time) and covers all the landfill basics. We'll provide the transportation, we just ask that all participants gather on the West side of Southeast Polk Junior High School, 8325 NE University Ave., Pleasant Hill, to board the bus. We suggest arriving at least 15 minutes early as the bus departs at the publicized time. See below for upcoming public landfill tours: 

There are no upcoming public landfill tours. If you'd like to be notified when there will be another public landfill tour, subscribe to our biweekly e-newsletter.