Posted on November 12, 2020

It might not have been planned, but 2020 is officially the year of online. As you’re learning how to navigate things on the new online platform, Metro Waste Authority doesn’t want you to miss out on environmental learning opportunities. That’s why we are bringing them to you!

Whether you’re a teacher, community group, or just passionate about the environment, check out some of the learning opportunities we offer online:

I’m a teacher...

We are here to make your life easier...we did the lesson planning for you! Beginning in mid-November, Metro Waste Authority will be offering teachers and students an immersive and engaging virtual field trip to Metro Park East Landfill. Loaded with 360-degree interactive photos, videos, games, phenomena, and multimedia resources, the field trip provides content that meets both Iowa Core Social Studies standards and NGSS Science standards. Check out more information!

I’m a community group...

We love giving Green Talks about recycling as much you love receiving them, that’s why we can meet you online. We are offering our same Green Talk format, just through an online streaming platform. We’ll provide the speaker and content, you just decide what date  works for you. Schedule a Green Talk and let’s talk recycling!

I’m passionate about the environment...

So are we! We have tons of great content on our Facebook and Youtube pages that we’d love to share and engage with you on. We even hosted a chat for Sustainability Day  that is available for you to stream now. Check it out and give us a thumbs up on Facebook for more content!

If you’re looking for an environmental learning opportunity we haven’t mentioned, let us know, we can’t get enough of this stuff!