Accepted Waste

Cash, personal checks, business checks and VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards are all accepted. Appointments are required.

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You can schedule an appointment by phone or email. We encourage you to complete the Certification Form ahead of time.

Material Type Pricing
Batteries Varies
Cooking Oil $1.00/gallon
Curbside Recyclables (Curb It! Guidelines) Free
Electronic Waste $0.50/lb.

Hazardous Products 

aerosols, antifreeze, cleaners, adhesives, tars, automotive fuels, solvents, paint thinner, kerosene, pesticides, engine oil and filters


Light Bulbs

compact fluorescent lights and tubes, ballasts, NiCad, lithium, lead acid, rechargeable


Paint - Oil-Based (considered hazardous)
Paint - Latex (not hazardous, learn how to safely dispose in your trash)

Sharps, Needles & Syringes Varies