News - 2014

Live Better. Do Better. Be Better

posted 12/31/2014
Easy changes you can make in the new year to help the environment ... more

Extra Extra Recyclables

posted 12/17/2014
Don't throw away large and extra recyclables, you have recycling options! ... more

The Tricky 6 - Always Trying to Sneak into your Cart

posted 12/10/2014
These six materials are often sneaking into Curb It! recycling carts and they DON'T belong there! Some are recyclable elsewhere, however. ... more

Giving the Gift of Food

posted 12/3/2014
If you've ever thought about what do to with your leftovers, we've got some options for you. ... more

Pre-Cycling - A Smart Way to Prepare for the Holidays

posted 11/26/2014
Along with family gatherings and holiday cheer comes extra garbage. You can reduce the amount of waste with a little pre-holiday planning. ... more