Get Rid of Unused Medication the Safe Way

posted 10/9/2013

Do you flush your unused or expired medications down the toilet? Or do you let them stack up in your medicine cabinet? Here's the two big reasons to gather them up and safely dispose of them through the Iowa Pharmacy Association's TakeAway program.

Flushing it Contaminates Water Supply

If you aren't aware, Iowa has some murky waters. Across the United States, prescription drugs are detected in rivers, waterways and groundwater, affecting fish and wildlife.

Storing it Leads to Misuse or Accidental Poisoning

Keeping them around also means these drugs can get in the wrong hands. Medications are a major source of poisonings in young children. More than half the calls received by poison centers involve children under the age of six.

Attend Drug Take-Back Events on Oct. 26

Residents can drop-off old medications from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Oct. 26, at area police stations. Find one close to you. If you can't make this date, contact your local police station to find out if they accept them year-round or find a local participating pharmacy.

Last Option: Wrap & Trash

If these options aren't convenient, we simply ask you mix the medications with other trash such as kitty litter, coffee grounds or food waste, then double bag the material and place it in the trash. Visit our recycling guide to learn how to recycle the empty bottles.