MWA Does Conservation

posted 8/21/2018

When Metro Waste Authority was established in 1969 as the first government agency in the nation to handle waste, the founding communities wanted to do things differently.

In addition to providing a safe place to dispose of garbage, MWA began investing in environmental conservation projects. One venture can be seen today on 500 acres at our Metro Park East Landfill.  

Soon after 1,800 acres of farmland were purchased almost 50 years ago, we began work to convert some of the property back to prairie. Paying close attention to detail, only native pollinator seed mixes were used. This element was not lost to our smallest visitors.

Metro Waste Authority welcomes thousands of bees, months, bats, and bald eagles to this sprawling prairie each year. As the summer turns to fall, more and more of our favorite little guests, the monarch butterfly, come to visit. The little critters often stop by on their way to Mexico to enjoy warmer climates during winter months.

As we move into our next 50 years of overseeing this land, we are proud to continue with current environmental conservation projects and excited to invest in the future! Subscribe to our blog and social media to hear about other environmental conservation projects happening in the community.

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