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Back to Basics

posted 1/29/2018

Do you remember when baby food only came in glass jars, not plastic cups or pouches? Or when coffee came in cans, not pods or foil-lined bags?

Today, there are more products and packaging materials than ever before. And many are recyclable in your curbside cart. But not everything can be recycled. That’s why we’re going back to the basics!

What You Recycle Is More Important Than How Much

A successful, sustainable recycling program is dependent on people recycling the right items. Recycle the things you’ve recycled for years like cardboard boxes, soup cans, milk jugs and pickle jars. Basic materials like these are the foundation of the curbside recycling program. So toss in your cereal boxes, junk mail and juice cartons. Take the time to include plastic water and Gatorade bottles as well as aluminum soda cans. And don’t forget the glass spaghetti and olive jars. View a full list of accepted items.

The Non-Basic – Items to Keep Out of Your Cart

But what about those items that aren’t so basic? Items composed of multi-layered material, like electronics and toys, as well as modern day packaging, such as pouches and to-go containers, are not recyclable. When garbage and other non-recyclable items are put in curbside recycling carts, it damages machines, prevents the good recyclables from getting sorted, de-values material, and ultimately jeopardizes the entire recycling program. Keeping garbage out of your recycling cart ensures a successful, sustainable program.

And best of all, when you focus on recycling basic materials, and keep the rest out, it adds up to big environmental benefits. You help save natural resources, conserve energy and keep material out of the landfill.

A successful recycling program starts with you. Keep it simple. Recycle the basics.