Celebrate the New Year with a Metro Waste Authority Classroom Program

posted 12/26/2018

Parents, Tell The Teachers!

The landfill is home to more than just garbage. It’s a place of innovative thinking, solving problems, and pushing the needle for what’s possible in solid waste disposal.

Invite a dynamic, interactive speaker from Metro Waste Authority to classroom and engage your students in how creative minds are needed to help with all aspects of garbage and recycling.

Programs range from tours of the landfill to prototyping solutions for problems across our industry. The educational content supports STEM learning and includes drone videos of engineering initiatives at the landfill as well as the recycling sorting facility. We’ll talk with students about products produced from recycled materials. Students will be challenged to think outside the box, using math and science, to solve real world issues affecting our environment.

We love talking trash and your kids will love it too, tell their teacher or a parent organization today; it’s all free!

Want to learn more? Contact Jenny Koska at jko@mwatoday.com or 515.323.6505.