Free Cardboard Drop-off Near You!

posted 8/6/2019

Finding yourself overrun with cardboard that won’t fit in your Curb It! cart?

There are many cardboard drop-offs conveniently located throughout the metro! In addition to Grimes, Bondurant, and Mitchellville; containers have been added in Windsor Heights, Ankeny, and Norwalk!

When you have oversized boxes or too much for your cart, drop it off. Simply remove the packing and flatten the box, then slide it right in.

These cardboard drop-offs only accept cardboard, that’s the brown stuff like the smiling boxes from Amazon. Those in the biz call it corrugated, the type with waved ridges in the middle. The flat as a pancake thin stuff with your favorite soda or cereal inside are actually paper – not cardboard.

Find a location near you!