New year, new you? How about resolving to be a better recycler?

posted 1/9/2019

New year, new you? How about resolving to become a better recycler?

As 2018 ended, there was a lot of attention on the changing tides in recycling. The competition to sell recyclables is tighter, and what you put in your cart is more important than ever.

So, for 2019, how about you resolve to be a better recycler?

You may be thinking, “What does that mean? I recycle everything, and my cart is full every pick-up.”

Ask yourself, is it full of the right things? Many people have the best intentions but end up putting things in the cart that don’t belong. While some of these are just plain silly, like log chains, fans, and swimming pools; others are trickier.

Remember, just because something seems the same doesn’t mean it is. Aluminum foil and pans are not the same as an aluminum can; plastic cool whip containers are not the same as a plastic milk jug.

Keep it simple by recycling the basics. If it’s not on this list, it doesn’t go in your Curb It! cart:

Paper: newspapers, junk mail, cardboard, and cartons

Plastics: only with twist-off lids

Aluminum and Tin: from soup or soda cans

If you’re not sure, throw it out. Trust us, it’s better in the trash than contaminating an entire load of recyclables.

To help you recycle right in 2019, search items you’re wondering about in our recycling guide. Or you can always give us a call at 515.244.0021.