No Sweat Summer Recycling Tips

posted 7/15/2015

We are officially in the heat of summer, full of lazy days at the beach, backyard BBQ’s and family vacations. There are so many fun ways to fill the summer and many of them call for products unique to the season such as bug spray, lawn chairs and pool toys. Introducing seasonal products, may raise a few questions about what is and is not recyclable in your curbside cart.

Recycling the right material in your curbside recycling cart is important because it keeps the recycling sorting facility running efficiently. Materials that don’t belong in your cart can damage machines, pose a threat to safety and keep valuable recyclables from being properly sorted and prepared for resale. Ultimately it means the good stuff doesn’t get recycled.  But summer is no time to sweat recycling. Be cool and recycle right with our easy summer recycling tips.

Yes! Recycle It In Your Curbside Cart

  • Aerosol and plastic sun screen and bug spray containers – Make sure bottles and cans are empty (aerosol lids go in the garbage).
  • Plastic food containers with twist-off lids – Bottles of ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce and other grilling favorites with twist-off lids are recyclable in your cart. Empty, rinse and toss.
  • Plastic and glass beverage bottles and aluminum cans - Summer heat calls for extra hydration. Use a refillable bottle when possible, but if it’s not, be sure to recycle your plastic drink containers with twist off lids.
  • Card board, mixed paper and newspaper - Don’t forget to continue to recycle these basics, including all the extra back to school ads that will soon fill your mailbox.

No! Not Recyclable In Your Curbside Cart. Donate or Trash.

  • Plastic or ceramic planters – It’s best to donate or throw away plastic and ceramic planters, as this material is not recyclable in your cart.
  • Garden hoses – Long, stringy items like garden hoses and bungie cords cause BIG trouble at the recycling sorting facility because they wrap around machines. If they are in good condition, consider donating them, if not, throw them away.
  • Inflatables and plastic pools – These plastics have a different chemical makeup than your average water or soda bottle and are not recyclable in your cart.
  • Plastic toys such as Big Wheels, squirt guns, sand and yard toys – These are made out of rigid plastic and don’t belong in your cart. Consider donating them to a charity if they are in good condition.
  • Lawn and camping chairs – If they can’t be reused, it’s best to throw them in the trash.
  • Disposable plates, cups and napkins – Whether it’s your paper picnic plate or convenience store cup, disposable dishes are not recyclable. Consider springing for a set of reusable picnic-ware for the summer and don’t leave home without your reusable mug or water bottle.