Plastic Pots are not Recyclable

posted 5/13/2018

Plastic pots provide pretty decorations for your yard but unsightly damage to your recycling program.

Plastic gardening pots, as well as disposable flower shells, cannot be recycled. When you are finished planting or a pot is broken, it should go in your regular trash.

Dirt and pots cannot be disposed of as part of Curb It! recycling or Compost It! yard waste disposal.  Instead, if your pot is no longer usable, dispose of it in three simple steps:

  1. If the dirt is still good, reuse it in your yard, garden or flower bed. Otherwise, put the dirt in the trash.
  2. Any plants that were in the pot can be placed with your yard waste after the dirt has been shaken off.
  3. If the dirt cannot be used and the pot is no longer good, dispose of it in your regular trash.

The gardening season brings on a lot of questions regarding what can and cannot be recycled. Plastic pots, garden hoses and tools should not go in your Curb It! cart, they cannot be recycled at the curb. If you have no other use for them, they must go in your regular trash.

For more tips regarding how things can be recycled, visit our recycling guide.