Recycling Glass: A Better Way

posted 2/7/2018

The crash of breaking glass is usually not a welcome sound. For Ripple Glass Recyclers, it’s music to the ears.

Metro Waste Authority has partnered with Ripple Glass to place a new recycling container at the Metro Northwest Transfer Station in Grimes. Although glass is still accepted in your Curb It! recycling cart, glass that is not mixed with any other recyclables has a lot more uses.

Ripple Glass refers to it as ‘clean’ glass, that hasn’t been mixed with paper or plastics. Based in Kansas City, Ripple Glass has containers sprinkled throughout the Midwest and frequently passes through Des Moines on their route. The partnership is a great solution to a growing problem, too much ‘dirty’ glass and not enough recyclers.

Ripple Glass uses the ‘clean’ glass they collect to make new beverage containers and fiber glass insulation. Just six beverage bottles produce enough fiberglass insulation to fill a standard wall cavity!

Glass that is clean, meaning it hasn’t been mixed with anything else, can be recycled an infinite number of times.

All types of food and beverage glass is accepted, just like the items currently allowed in your Curb It! cart. Examples include wine or beer bottles of every color, spaghetti sauce, pickle or baby food jars to name a few.

Just look for the glass only container at the Metro Northwest Transfer Station; your walls will be saying cheers!