Recycle Great!

posted 10/24/2018

Want to be the best recycler on your block? Here is the guide to MASTER the art of recycling and help the Curb It! recycling program thrive throughout the Metro!

  • Follow the recycling guidelines.

Although it’s tempting to toss every kind of plastic, paper, and metal in the green cart, some items are simply not recyclable. For something to be accepted in the Curb It! program, it must able to be sorted and sold. Metro Waste Authority is constantly looking for new opportunities, but there are just some items that don’t have buyers…yet. If you need a refresher of what can be recycled, check out the guidelines.

  • Keep it clean.

Give your items a quick rinse before tossing them in your recycling cart. This helps keep recyclables free from contamination and ensures products are desired by businesses that want to purchase recyclables for new uses.

  • Buy products made from recycled material.

A great way to support recycling is to buy items made from post-consumer products. Purchase power is one of the most influential ways to show companies you want to support a sustainable recycling program.

You make all the difference in your recycling program. Once you master these guidelines, pass them on to your neighbors and friends. Together, we can create a positive impact on the recycling world!