Recycling More the Right Way!

posted 11/15/2017

Curb It! customers recycle more than 28,000 tons of recyclables per year. That’s 28,000 tons that don’t go into the landfill! As we recognize America Recycles Day, a day devoted to recycling right and recycling more, we encourage our Curb It! customers to think beyond their recycling cart.

You know the basics that go in your cart, but other items such as plastic bags, TVs, computers and small propane canisters can be recycled too…just not in your Curb It! cart.

Not sure about an item? Search it in our recycling guide at By keeping these items out of you Curb It! cart, you help maintain the integrity of the program and ensure your efforts don’t go to waste.

Speaking of materials that don’t go in your cart, Central Iowans collected 1,813 pounds of plastic bags to be recycled through a Plastic Bag Swap last April! We’re grateful to all the residents who took the challenge. Because of YOUR efforts, Metro Waste Authority received a statewide award from the Iowa Recycling Association for Community Engagement. Thank you for keeping recycling top-of-mind and making a positive impact in our community. We look forward to keeping the momentum going in 2018.

Challenge yourself to learn where it should go to give new life to your items instead of ending their life in the landfill. Visit or call 515.244.0021.