What Kind of Recycler are YOU! Take the Quiz

posted 4/26/2017


What do you do when you’re NOT sure if an item is recyclable in your Curb It! cart?

A. Put it in the recycling cart. Everything is pretty much recyclable these days.
B. Check the recycling guidelines listed on the top of my cart.
C. Throw it in garbage. Recycling is just too confusing to worry about it.

When you host a party you:

A. Use plastic plates and cups because all types of plastic are recyclable.
B. Use real dishes and designate a recycling receptacle (with a sign) for plastic water bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles.
C. Designate a receptacle for cans and bottles... if I remember. What small amount of cans I collect probably won’t make a difference anyway.

What do a bowling ball, metal pan and garden hose have in common?

A. All are recyclable in my Curb It! cart, except the bowling ball.
B. All can cause damage to machines and pose safety risks to workers at the recycling sorting facility so they do not go in the recycling cart.
C. All are collecting dust in my garage because I’m not sure how to get rid of them.

Knowing what plastic to recycle is easy because:

A. All plastic including bottles, containers, toys and plastic grocery bags are recyclable in my cart.
B. I remember to “Do the Twist” and only recycle plastics with twist off lids.  
C. I toss it all in the cart. It probably doesn’t get recycled anyway.

If your vacuum cleaner breaks with no hope of repair, where do you dispose of it?

A. Recycling cart because it is made up of some plastic.
B. Garbage cart.
C. Whichever cart it will fit in.

If you answered “A” most often, you are: The Wishful Recycler

You have a good understating of what is recyclable in your cart, but tend to recycle TOO MUCH. Seems like an oxymoron, right?! Recycling market prices and sorting facility capabilities dictate what types of materials are accepted in a curbside recycling program. While many things CAN be recycled through the Curb It! program, many items CANNOT be accepted due to these limitations. The good news is, the more we improve our recycling habits, the more sustainable our recycling program will be!

We challenge you to look in your recycling cart and find one item you recycled in error and throw it in the trash. View the recycling guidelines.

If you answered “B” most often, you are: The Best Recycler on the Block

Let’s face it. You know your stuff when it comes to recycling in your curbside cart. You follow the local recycling guidelines and understand that recycling basic items like cardboard, plastic bottles and soda cans, while keeping non-basic materials out, keeps our recycling program successful and sustainable!

We challenge you to review the recycling guidelines (it never hurts to brush up, right?) and then spread the word. Help your family, friends and neighbors become better recyclers by sharing your strategies.

If you answered “C” most often, you are: The Skeptical Recycler

You have a lot of skepticism about recycling: it probably doesn’t get recycled anyway; does recycling my one soda can really make a difference? Let us de-mystify the world of recycling for you. Materials that are accepted in the Curb It! recycling program DO get recycled! You can even tour the facility where your recyclables are sorted, baled, shipped and recycled into something new. And rest assured, recycling even one aluminum can does add up! Recycling results in significant savings of natural resources and energy. For example, producing an aluminum can from recycled material saves 95 percent of the energy required to make the same can from virgin resources. Check out other debunked recycling myths. We challenge you to be the best recycler you can be… review the recycling guidelines, sign up for a facility tour and get recycling!