We've got a plastic problem!

We've got a plastic problem!

posted 3/13/2019

We’ve got a plastic problem!

A lot of the plastic produced never gets recycled. Now, don’t stop reading because you always recycle your water bottles.

We’re sure you do. But, what about the plastic wrap they came in, or the grocery bag you got when you bought them, or the plastic cup and straw you drank from while you were shopping?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a recycling option for a lot of the plastic that’s produced. Plastic wrapping, cups, straws, and clamshell containers can’t go in a Curb It! cart so they must go in the trash -- it’s not your fault you can’t recycle it, right?

You’re right, it’s not; but, what if you never bought it in the first place?

Money talks on the front and backend of recycling. We’ve all heard about the backend of the plastic business, the one where China doesn’t want it and there’s an overabundance in the United States. If there is no buyer to turn it into something new, there’s no reason to accept it. Now, let’s talk about the front, the part that begins with you and your almighty dollar.

If your money stops buying heavily packaged or one-time use plastics, sellers will take notice. The average person uses 157 water bottles per year! What if you used one reusable bottle instead? You’d help save the planet, plus put about $140 back in your wallet. Some stores even offer a discount if you bring your own bag or cup.

Recycling processors are overrun with plastic and, in a landfill, plastic can take thousands of years to decompose. We can each make a big impact on the plastic problem, simply by reducing our use. Will you take the challenge?