What to Recycle When You're Done Decking the Halls

posted 12/13/2017

With all the various shipping materials, toy packaging and gift wrap used during the holidays, it can be hard to know what should go in your Curb It! recycling cart and what goes in the trash.

When it comes to wrapping paper, if it has glitter or foil, it goes in the trash. Standard gift wrap, that usually has print on one side and white on the other, as well as brown craft paper can be recycled but make sure to remove all ribbons and bows. Tissue paper always belongs in the garbage.

Now, what about all those boxes from the toys and clothes? Anything cardboard is recyclable. This includes gift boxes as well as shipping boxes. However, be sure to remove any plastic and packaging such as strings or Styrofoam that helped hold toys in place.

Remember, all recyclables must be contained inside your Curb It! cart. Items left next to the cart, even if they are recyclable, cannot be collected. If your halls are decked with too much recycling, take the extra to a recycling drop-off near you.

If you’re not sure where somethings should go, search it in Metro Waste Authority’s recycling guide at www.whereitshouldgo.com/recycling-guide.