Bags, Stickers or Both?

posted 9/28/2016

It’s early in the season, but we want you to fall into good yard waste disposal habits now by purchasing the right bags and stickers for curbside disposal.

Curbside collection of yard waste through the Compost It! program goes through Dec. 2, which gives you ample time to rake leaves, prune bushes and get rid of spent annuals and garden debris. Using the program properly will ensure your yard waste doesn’t get left at the curb.

The Run-Down on Bags and Stickers

  • Compost It! Brand Bags - The cost of the Compost It! brand bag covers the cost of collection. No sticker is required. Cost: $8.00+tax for a bundle of five bags.
  • Store-Brand Bag + Compost It! Sticker - A Compost It! sticker must be attached to a generic or store-brand bag. The sticker cost covers the cost of collection. Cost: $1.25+tax per sticker plus cost of generic bag.
  • Compost It! Sticker + Brush Bundles - Attach a Compost It! sticker to each brush bundle. Bundles cannot exceed 18 inches in diameter or four feet in length. Cost: $1.25+tax per sticker. 

Bags and stickers are available for purchase at many local grocery and hardware stores. Click here to view a list.

Wheel It To the Curb: Cart Service

A Compost It! cart has wheels and can simply be rolled to the curb on garbage day during Compost It! season. The 96-gallon cart can hold the equivalent to three yard waste bags. If you garden, bag grass clippings or just don't want to hassle with bags, a Compost It! cart may be the perfect solution. Cost: one-time cost of cart (varies by city) plus an annual service fee of $105. Call your City Hall or Public Works to enroll.  

Accepted and Not Accepted Material
Organic yard waste and vegetative debris is accepted in yard waste bags and carts. Items not accepted include food waste, stumps, dirt, rocks and wood. Learn more about what is and is not accepted.