Compost THIS, Not THAT

posted 6/15/2016

Are you putting the right materials in your yard waste bags or cart? And does it really matter anyway? Review our Compost It! quick guide and ensure you’re using the program correctly.

  • What you put in effects what comes out. Did you know that the material you put in your yard waste bags or cart eventually becomes compost that is applied as a natural soil amendment to lawns and gardens? Composting is a natural process that breaks down organic materials over time, turning them into a soil-like material containing nutrients that help plants grow. That is why only organic material is accepted. Man-made products of any kind (even if they say compostable), break down differently and are NOT accepted in you Compost It! bag or cart.
  • The rule on food waste. The Compost It! program does not accept food scraps. Garden debris is accepted however. A good rule to remember – if it didn’t make it from the garden to the table, then it CAN go in your yard waste bag or cart.
  • Processing and Safety.  Large or solid items like stumps, rocks and wood are NOT accepted. These materials damage compost facility machinery and can harm workers, so it's important to keep these items OUT of your yard waste bags or cart.