Grow Gold Compost Myths: What Do You Know?

posted 10/10/2018

Using Grow Gold Compost is a great way to help plants of all varieties grow, but how much do you really know about compost? It’s easy to believe some of the myths you hear, but we’re here to clear things up once and for all.

Myth: Compost Smells Terrible!

The break-down of organic material might sound like a stinky process, but finished compost has little-to-no smell! Once all materials have completely broken down during a nine to-twelve-month process at our facility, compost smells just like earth. That means you can use compost on all of your projects without plugging your nose! Good news!

Myth: I Can Use it in Place of Soil or Dirt

While Grow Gold Compost is a great soil amendment to add to your garden, lawn, or farm, it doesn’t have the same structure as soil. Compost is lighter in weight and less dense. This means that if you use more than five or so inches of compost on its own, plants will have trouble establishing roots. The best way to use compost is to start with a base of soil and then incorporate a couple inches of compost with the top layer of soil. Check out more application tips.

Myth: Any Biodegradable Material Goes into Grow Gold Compost Including Food Scraps

Grow Gold compost is made exclusively from yard waste collected through the Compost It! yard waste program. We are not permitted for taking food scraps and other materials and that is why they are not accepted in your Compost It! bags or cart. They can contain additives that lower the quality of the compost produced. For example, oils found in most cooked or processed foods don’t break down in the same way as unprocessed items like grass clippings, leaves, or branches. Just because the ingredients of your food came from the earth at one point doesn’t mean they will make quality compost.  

Myth: If All Yard Waste Decomposes, it Doesn’t Matter if I Put Unaccepted Items in My Compost It! Bag or Cart

Every item and material that goes through the Compost It! program has an effect on the quality of the resulting compost. To make Grow Gold Compost, we take special steps to remove any garbage or non-compostable materials put into the yard waste stream (including using a sifter to capture items that are too big). The less “contamination” that goes into yard waste bags and carts, means more energy can be devoted to aerating and caring for the new composting materials!

Myth: Four Cubic Yards (or More) is the Minimum Amount of Grow Gold I Can Purchase from MWA

Until recently, residents have had difficulty buying compost in bulk from our Metro Compost Center because the minimum compost purchase of four cubic yards fills half a dump truck! However, we have good news! The minimum quantity has been lowered to ONE cubic yard for this season! That fits easily in a pickup truck, the perfect amount for most gardens. Keep an eye on our website for more exciting news on how to get and use compost this season! Learn how to purchase now!