Achieve Top-Notch Landscaping with Turf Gold Compost

posted 1/25/2017

With winter weather not seeming too winter-y this year, now is a great time to start looking forward to outdoor projects. Whether you’re a landscaper gearing up for a successful season or a resident looking to try their hand at a vegetable garden, our Turf Gold Compost can make your lawn and garden projects healthier and hardier.

Why Compost?

Compost is a soil enhancement that is made up of many organic components. When nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich materials decompose with air and water, the resulting product is nutrient-filled and all-natural. Compost adds nutrients to plants and helps them retain water, which means less need for frequent watering, an irrigation system or, harmful chemical fertilizers.

Turf Gold Compost is produced through Metro Waste Authority’s Compost It! program with your yard waste! All Des Moines area yard and garden waste is brought to Metro Park East Landfill Compost Site and is converted to compost through a process that takes from nine-to-twelve months.

How Can it Be Used?

Compost is easy to apply to any lawn, garden or landscaping project. While all plants benefit from compost, there are specific ways to apply compost for maximum benefit depending on the area, use, and plants you are working with. For new turf, mix 1-2 inches of compost with the top 3-5 inches of soil a week before seeding and apply ½ inch of the mixture to the surface of the area once seeded. To maintain your lawn, top with ¼ inch of compost after aerating once or twice per year. Flower and vegetable gardens can benefit from 1-2 inches of compost combined with 3-5 inches of soil applied a few weeks before planting. More application tips can be found on our website. Don’t want to apply it yourself? Some local compost retailers offer lawn application!

Where Can I Buy It?

There are two options for purchasing compost around the Metro area. Wholesale loads (4+ cubic yards) can be purchased at our Metro Composting Center (1601 Harriet Street, Des Moines IA, 50317) for $44.

Metro Waste Authority also partners with over 30 retailers to provide convenient purchasing in smaller amounts for all residents and small business owners.

Be sure to stop by Metro Waste Authority’s booth (822) at the 2017 Home + Garden Show, February 9-12 at the Iowa Events Center. We’ll have lots of information about Turf Gold Compost with free samples to hand out, as well!