Put Your Soil to Work!

posted 9/27/2018

Put Your Soil to Work!

While the ground is frozen this winter put your soil to work! 

By adding Grow Gold Compost to your lawn or garden in the fall, you give the nutrients a chance to mix in and penetrate the soil before the ground freezes. During the winter, those nutrients are hard at work underground giving structure to the soil and infusing it with everything it needs to produce healthy plants when the weather warms up.

Adding compost to your garden bed or lawn supports stronger, healthier plants, and you won’t have to weed or water them as often!

This wonderful soil additive is only $10 a cubic yard. That’s about the size of a small truck load. It can be picked up six days per week at our Metro Compost Center, located at Metro Park East Landfill.

Don’t have a truck? No problem! Grow Gold Compost is also sold in bags at our Grimes location. And if you just want it to magically appear, that can also be arranged. Many retailers throughout the metro sell Grow Gold Compost and can even be hired to haul it or apply it for you.

If you’ve decided to put your soil to work, get some Grow Gold Compost today!