Plastic Containers



Plastic Containers with Twist-Off Lids (with the lids attached)

The easiest way to determine which plastics to recycle is to ask:  Does the container have a twist-off lid? If the answer is yes, then it's recyclable!

Yogurt & Margarine Tubs (without the lids)

Yes, we really only accept yogurt and margarine tubs. Even though other tubs are made from the same plastic, there is a very limited market for this type of material. By limiting the kind of tubs accepted in our program, we can ensure that our supply meets the demand.

Just make sure the containers are empty and give them a quick rinse. Twist-Off plastic bottles, along with yogurt and margarine tubs, can be recycled through:

Do NOT Recycle

In addition to most plastic tubs, such as sour cream, cottage cheese and cool whip containers, there are more plastics that belong in the garbage, such as:

  • berry containers
  • convenience store cups
  • tupperware containers
  • toys
  • twist-off hazardous waste plastic containers

Did You Know?

At one time, people were taught to recycle plastics based on the number on the container. They were told, "Recycle 1s and 2s." However, the new rule is to recycle plastics with a twist-off lid. This means, no more searching for the number on the container! And, it's a more accurate way of collecting and recycling the correct plastics.

Plastic bags cannot be recycled in the curbside program, but they can be recycled at the grocery store.

More Information

If you want more information about recycling plastics, then watch this quick video.

Also Applies to:

RECYCLABLE: medicine bottles, water bottles, peanut butter jars, shampoo bottles, sunscreen bottles, laundry detergent, soap, juice, yogurt, margarine, butter
NOT RECYCLABLE: berry containers, clamshells, sour cream, cottage cheese, cool whip, plastic cups (Red Solo Cups), hazardous waste plastic containers