Tanks - Helium, Medical & Propane

Fees vary at each location, please call or visit websites for more information.

  • Alter Metal Recycling, 515.265.7377, accepts bottles and tanks but must have the top cut off or depressurized.
  • Curbside Garbage, residents only, only one lb. tanks or smaller, please empty first
  • Ferrell Gas, 4415 NE 14th St., Des Moines, 515.266.1175, drop-off only, accepts empty or partially full propane tanks of any size.
  • Medical Air Tanks – Most medical supply companies will accept the tank back. Check the label.
  • Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off, ONLY one lb. propane bottles, accepts empty or full, $1/each.


Businesses are regulated and cannot throw tanks in the garbage. Please call one of the businesses above or call your private hauler to discuss recycling options.

Also Applies to:

tanks, helium tanks, medical air tanks, propane tanks
Does Not Apply to:
acetylene tank, acetylene torch