Ready for Collection

Fill Your Bins

  • All containers must be placed upright in the bin.
  • All containers must be labeled. If the original label is missing, place a label on the container noting the contents.
  • Leaking containers or CFLs (energy efficient lightbulbs) must be placed in a sealed plastic bag.
  • All items must fit inside the bin with the lid closed.Bin Opened

Schedule Collection

Once you fill your bins, call Metro Waste Authority at 515.244.0021 to schedule collection. Houseside collection occurs on the second Friday of each month.

Set-Out Instructions

  • In the Bin – All items must fit inside the bin with the lid securely closed.
  • Larger Items – Place items too large for the bin in the clear Metro Waste Authority plastic bags provided. For example, (place lawn and garden chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in the bag).  Bag Large Items
  • Set out by 8 a.m. – Place bin(s) at your front door or in front of your garage no later than 8 a.m. Do not set out earlier than the day of pickup and do not set at the curb.