Bags & Stickers

Yard waste bags and bundles are collected from the curb weekly during Compost It! season. There are three options to use the Bags & Stickers:

1. Purchase Compost It! Bags

  • Cost: $8.00+tax for a bundle of five bags.
  • No sticker required.
  • The cost of the Compost It! bag covers the cost of collection.
  • Tip: Do not exceed 40 lbs. of weight per bag.

2. Compost It! Sticker + Store-brand Bag

  • Cost: $1.25+tax per sticker plus cost of generic bag.
  • The cost of Compost It! sticker covers the cost of collection.
  • Attach one green Compost It! sticker to each bag.
  • Tip: Make sure the sticker is visible from the street. 

3. Compost It! Sticker + Brush Bundles

  • Cost: $1.25+tax per sticker. 
  • Attach a Compost It! sticker to each brush bundle and place it next to carts or bags.
  • Bundles cannot exceed 18 inches in diameter or four feet in length.
  • Tip: Just as it is with bags, brush bundles should not exceed 40 lbs. of weight per bundle.

Purchase Bags & Stickers

Compost It! bags and stickers are available for purchase at many local grocery, convenience and hardware stores. NOTE: Some stores carry only stickers or bags, while others carry both bags and stickers. Stickers are typically sold at the customer service counters.

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