Adopt A Street

Adopt A Street

Litter along community streets is an eyesore and eventually becomes pollutants in our streams and lakes. Removing it helps keep public areas clean and attractive, protects our waterways and builds civic pride. 

Adopt A Street Program in West Des Moines

Metro Waste Authority in partnership with the City of West Des Moines is launching an Adopt A Street program aimed at providing resources and recognition to community volunteers for litter removal along certain streets. If the program is successful, Metro Waste Authority will expand the program to other communities in the greater Des Moines area.

How do I participate in the Adopt A Street Program?

Follow these steps to adopt and cleanup the street of your choice:

Step 1:  Review the Adopt A Street Program Guidelines and Safety Guidelines.

Step 2:  Fill out our Adoption Agreement and tell us the name of the eligible street you wish to adopt.

Streets eligible for adoption in West Des Moines are:

  • Grand Avenue – Jordan Creek Parkway to I-35 **ADOPTED**
  • Grand Avenue I-35 to South 35th Street
  • Grand Avenue – South 35th Street to River Ridge Road **ADOPTED**
  • Raccoon River Drive  Grand Avenue to South 88th Street
  • 360th Street – South 88th Street to Johnson Creek
  • 360th Street – Johnson Creek to the City of Booneville
  • S. 35th St. – Grand Avenue to Fuller Road  **ADOPTED**
  • Jordan Creek Parkway  Grand Avenue to Mills Civic Parkway  **ADOPTED**
  • Lincoln Street – South 1st Street to South 11th Street **ADOPTED**
  • E.P. True Parkway  Jordan Creek Parkway to 84th Street  **ADOPTED**
  • S. Orilla Road. – Maffitt Lake Road to County Line Road  **ADOPTED**
  • Maffitt Lake Road – S.W. Connector to South 35th Street
  • Maffitt Lake Road – South 35th Street to South 56th Street
  • Army Post Road  S.W. Connector to South 22nd Street
  • Army Post Road  South 22nd Street to Type 3 Barricades (SW 105th Street)
  • S. 22nd Street  Army Post Road to Maffitt Lake Road
  • S. 35th Street  Army Post Road to Maffitt Lake Road
  • S. 42nd Street – Walnut Woods Drive to Maffitt Lake Road
  • S. 50th Street – Oakhill Drive to Mills Civic Parkway **ADOPTED**
  • S. 50th Street – Grand Avenue to Oakhill Drive  
  • 81st Street - EP True to Mills Civic Parkway  **ADOPTED**
  • Walnut Woods Drive – Hidden Valley Soccer Complex to S. 42nd Street (where Walnut Hills Drive turns south)  **ADOPTED**
  • Brown's Woods Drive – S.1st Street to S.11th Street
  • Railroad Avenue – 1st Street to Grand Avenue  **ADOPTED**

Groups who adopt at least one mile of public roadway must conduct at least four cleanups per year for a two-year period. All Adopt A Street members will be listed on our website to recognize their commitment to the program.

Step 3: Organize and plan a date for your first cleanup event. Call West Des Moines Public Services at 515.222.3480 to schedule picking up the materials you will need for the cleanup. These materials, provided free of charge, may include items like trash bags, safety vests, litter grabbers and gloves. Also schedule the free pick up and disposal of litter you collect. 

Step 4:  Hold the event.  Review safety guidelines with volunteers and have all volunteers complete the liability release. Prior to your event, mail or email the liability release forms to:

Adopt A Street 
Metro Waste Authority
300 East Locust Street   Suite 100
Des Moines, IA 50309

Step 5:  After the cleanup is complete, report your results using the online form. Once the first cleanup is complete, we will then order your group's recognition signs to post along the street.  Subsequent cleanup reports will be used to track progress and whether the group is meeting its adoption commitment.

Step 6:  Schedule your next cleanup. Send an email to with the date of your next cleanup as soon as you have it planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can schools, churches and businesses Adopt A Street?
A. Yes. We encourage schools, churches and businesses and other organizations to participate in Adopt A Street as a way to promote community service in their neighborhoods.

Q. How can I get rid of the litter that is collected?
A. The City of West Des Moines will handle all collected litter by Adopt A Street volunteers for free! To schedule a pick up, you must call Public Works at 515.222.3480 to arrange for the date, time and location for where the litter will be picked up.

Q. How can I find out if there is an Adopt A Street group in my neighborhood?
A. Our website lists all the Adopt A Street groups and whether they need additional volunteers. Click here for a list.

Q. Do you provide insurance for volunteers?
A. No. This is a volunteer program and must have a responsible adult to organize and watch any group members to assure a safe environment and clean job.