Zero Waste Strategies

The True Meaning of Zero Waste

When businesses report they are at "zero waste" it doesn't mean all the waste their business and staff produces is recycled. It means they are recycling all materials that are currently recyclable in their area. Zero waste strategies and sustainability goals are great for companies to aim for; however, the language used is often misleading to the general public.

Investigate Recycling Companies

So as a resident or business, we encourage you to adopt zero waste strategies, but know that some items are not yet recyclable. Until then, we encourage safe, smart disposal. When looking to recycling something not commonly recyclable, research the facilities and business who accepting material (for free or for a fee). Ask them questions such as these:

  • Where does the item or material go? 
  • Who processes it?
  • What does it get recycled into?

Ideas for a Zero Waste Lifestyle

How to accomplish zero waste can vary. This section is a work in progress and provides strategies, tips and other resources to help.

Hazardous Waste

Green Tips

Read through our Green Tips, which are part of our weekly emails that educate residents on our curbside programs and collection delays.