Posted on January 27, 2021

motor oil

You can’t put it in the trash or pour it down the drain, but you can help us heat one of our buildings with your old motor oil!  

During the winter, our Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-off in Bondurant is heated with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved used motor oil furnace. The motor oil starts by being dumped into a trough that was handcrafted by one of our very own staff members. From there, it filters through a system of hoses to a 2,000 gallon tank, then is pumped into the furnace that uses fans to circulate the heat throughout the building. It stays toasty warm in the warehouse and helps the environment by reducing our consumption of natural gas!  

Our staff appreciates the warmth, so we’ll take all the used motor oil you have for free! However, to go into our furnace, motor oil cannot be mixed with any other liquids, not even water. Although we do have a back-up heater, by using our special furnace we are able to give your old motor oil new life and keep our staff warm while they assist residents!  

Used motor oil as well as other hazardous materials can be dropped off at the following collection sites:  

If you are a business, we’ll take your used motor oil too. Check out our safe disposal options for business here.  

For more information about what’s hazardous and a full list of what we accept at our facilities click here.  

If you have other questions give us a call at 515.244.0021 or visit