Cart Service

If you are setting out several Compost It! bags each week, you might find a Compost It! cart to be a better option. The 96-gallon cart can hold equivalent to three yard waste bags. Compost It CartDon’t worry, if you ever have more than your cart will hold, the bag and sticker program can also be used.

A cart might be good for you if...

  • You purchase more than 65 bags per year.
  • You garden, bag grass clippings, have a lot of trees, or don't want to hassle with bags.

First-time Enrollment & Renewal

New customers pay a one-time fee for the cart, plus an annual service fee of $105. Visit your City Hall or Public Works to enroll. 

Annual Renewal

2021 Compost It Sticker

The annual fee for cart service is $105, which covers the cost of collection throughout yard waste season. Renew at your city hall or public works or online. Once you renew your cart service, an updated Compost It! cart sticker will be provided for your cart lid, indicating service is current.