Posted on December 08, 2021

yard waste

You opted away from artificial but now you’re “dying” to know how to get rid of that live Christmas tree sitting in your living room... 

All it takes is one of our magic “ornaments,” for sale online or in stores, and Santa’s elves will pick up your tree right at your curb!  

Carefully follow our instructions below to experience the Christmas magic of winter collection for live Christmas trees: 

Purchase a Compost It! Sticker “ornament” at your local retailer or online 

Remove any lingering garland, ribbon, ornaments, or lights from your tree before placing it at the curb. If these items are still on your tree, it will not be collected.  

Place your tree at your curb by 6 AM on your regular collection day during the weeks of Dec. 27, 2021 through Jan. 7, 2022. 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT forget to set your live Christmas tree or yard waste out during this two-week time frame. Any material not placed on your curb during these two weeks, on your regular collection day, will not be collected until the spring yard waste season. 

You read the last one correctly...Santa’s elves will even pick up other yard waste such as leaves, grass, brush, garden vegetation, and flowers during these two weeks. Just make sure you contain it properly. 

If you miss this two-week opportunity for winter collection of yard waste, don’t fret! The North Pole (Metro Park East Landfill) accepts yard waste year-round at the compost pad! Learn more

Bonus Points: Try using eco-friendly or secondhand items to decorate your Christmas tree. Dried oranges, fresh flowers, cranberry or popcorn garland...the opportunities are endless! These items will decompose much faster than the traditional plastic decorations some people buy every year. 

Enjoy the holiday, and don’t forget we’ll be spreading Christmas cheer after Dec. 25th! For more information about winter collection, click here.