We have bagged compost and bulk compost available at Metro Park East Landfill and look forward to resuming bagged sales at Metro Northwest Transfer Station by Fall 2023.


Bulk Purchasing

Bulk compost sales are only available at Metro Park East Landfill. There is a minimum purchase of 1 cubic yard, which is approximately enough to fill the back of a small pickup truck, and a maximum purchase of 20 cubic yards per day.

Compost is loaded with a front loader, so only trucks with open-top loading can be filled. No self-loading is allowed at this facility. 

Commercial Customers: $15 per cubic yard
Residential Customers: $10 per cubic yard

Cash, checks, and major credit cards are all accepted

by the bag

By the Bag

Burlap bags of compost are $4 each and can hold approximately 2 cubic feet. Bags are pre-filled for customers to self-haul. Please see locations below for where to purchase.

Metro Northwest Transfer Station (Resuming Fall 2023)
Cash/checks are accepted at compost station, cards accepted when attendant is on-site

Metro Park East Landfill
Cash/check/card accepted


Find a Retailer

Local landscape businesses and retailers sell and/or deliver our Grow Gold Compost®


The Science Behind It...

Grow Gold Compost® is made from yard waste collected through the Compost It! program in Central Iowa. Yard waste is ground once it arrives at our facility, then is turned and maintained for 9-12 months as it decomposes.

Our finished compost is screened to 1/2 inch or less and is tested for quality by the U.S. Composting Council. No artificial chemical supplements are added to the compost at any point during Metro Waste Authority’s process. 

Quality Testing Results