Curbside collection is NOT delayed due to President's Day, February 15. All MWA facilities are open regular business hours.


  • Garbage

    Garbage collection varies by community. This section provides an overview of how it's offered in Central Iowa and how to get rid of large items through stickers.

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  • Curb It!

    Residents living in our service area have a green Curb It! cart for bi-weekly recycling collection. NOTE: Des Moines residents have a blue cart. The same rules apply, but Des Moines Public Works manages its own recycling collection.

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  • Yard Waste

    Compost It! is the yard and garden waste curbside program for most residents in Central Iowa and is managed by Metro Waste Authority. In most communities, it is picked up from the curb weekly during Compost It! Season, on garbage collection day.

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  • Hazardous Waste

    Hazardous materials are used in day-to-day life without even giving it a second thought. When you care for your home and lawn, you often use hazardous products. Learn how you can safely dispose or recycle this items.

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