Curbside Garbage CollectionGarbage

You've got garbage, and we want to make sure you have a way to get rid of it. While it sounds simple, your residential trash services can vary a bit depending on which city you live in. To view collection and drop-off information specific to your community, select your city now.

Large & Extra Items

Just because an item doesn't fit in your trash cart, doesn't mean you can't still dispose of it curbside. Many cities in the metro area use a sticker program to get those large and extra items collected. Simply purchase stickers online or at a retailer, apply them to your item, and have that item at the curb on your collection day. Is your item an appliance? If it is, you'll need to schedule collection with your hauler.


 When it Leaves the Curb

Once your hauler picks up your trash at your curb, the garbage is taken to its final destination - the landfill. Metro Waste Authority manages two sanitary landfills in Iowa, Metro Park East and Metro Park West. Check what goes into planning for waste and how we take care of the environment while we're at it. 


City Cleanup Events