Have More than Can fit in Your Cart?

Whether you’re cleaning out your house, or making room for that new appliance or couch, sometimes you need to get rid of things that don’t fit in your cart. The good news is, for many metro area communities, you can still get rid of those large or extra items curbside with the large and extra item sticker program.

Sticker PurchasingLarge Item Tag

There are two ways to purchase large/extra item stickers. If you want to shop in your pjs, try purchasing stickers online and have them shipped to your home. 


If you’re already out and about, try purchasing stickers at a retailer near you! Stickers are commonly sold from the customer service departments of many local grocery stores, as well as hardware stores and city halls. 


Determining which stickers you need to buy is based on where you live. It’s important to purchase the right sticker for your community, so you can say goodbye to those large/extra items! The table below indicates which type of sticker you need based on the city you live in: 

How Many Stickers Do You Need?

The larger the item, the more it costs to get it gone. Use the list below to help with common items. If you don't see your item, or a similar one, give us a call to verify.

*Please keep in mind the following chart applies to residents in cities who utilize the ORANGE sticker listed above*

Retail Stores ONLY

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