Posted on November 14, 2018

As the weather turns and you start digging out holiday recipes, Metro Waste Authority has a special recipe we like to make, but we need your help!


Leaves from Windsor Heights, Altoona, and Bondurant

Lawn clippings from Urbandale, Pleasant Hill, and Carlisle

Garden waste from Clive, Norwalk, and Johnston

Rain water


Mix all ingredients together and let sit for 6-9 months, stirring occasionally to coat with water and oxygen.


As yard waste season comes to an end November 30th, we need you to supply the ingredients to make our MWA Grow Gold compost so it’s ready to feed your lawns and gardens in the spring! 

Grow Gold Compost is made completely from the yard waste you put out at the curb. Although the recipe seems easy when you first look at it, don’t let the directions deceive you!

Our two chefs at the Compost Center have a sixth sense about when to stir the compost and add more of each ingredient. It's like that mysterious dish your grandma makes. No matter how closely you follow the recipe, it doesn't come out the same!

The expertise of our compost chefs results in a nutrient rich, soil additive that is desired throughout the state. It feeds plants and helps retain moisture; producing more lush gardens and lawns.

Just don’t forget to  give us the right ingredients this fall by putting only accepted yard waste into Compost It! bags or your Compost It! cart. We’ll get it picked up and cooked into a delicious compost your plants can enjoy in the spring!