• Package your beverage bottles and cans in a clear bag or the original paper carton. Know the guidelines (listed below) for successful drop-off!
    • Drop it off. To make it quick and easy, staff takes an average of your bags so there’s no need to wait for counting. Prefer to wait and have them counted? No problem!
    • Get your $0.05/beverage container deposit back.


    • Must be uncontaminated, no debris or trash.
    • Containers must be empty and reasonably clean.
    • Must be able to see contents; No black bags accepted.
    • Glass must be in original container or boxes; no glass in bags accepted.
    • MWA reserves the right to refuse loads.
    • Up to $100 /day redemption. If $100 or more, a check will be mailed within two weeks.

    Available For Purchase

    • Cardboard recycling receptacle: $10/box
    • Large clear bag liner: $0.75/bag

  • Residents and businesses can drop off empty cans and bottles for redemption at two locations.

  • Looking for a creative way to raise money for a special project, piece of equipment, or class trip? Partner with us. When dropping off cans and bottles for redemption, contributors can let us know what group they’d like us to apply their refund to – it’s a simple, off-hands, way to fundraise!

    All you need to do is create your fundraiser account with us by reaching out to Kyle Fischer at 515.333.4431.

  • Everyone knows that providing drinks is crucial for a successful event, and recycling the cans and bottles generated should be just as important. Metro Waste Authority provides recycling stands for community events (large and small), free of charge. The catch? Bring the bags full of empty cans and bottles back to us and receive the $0.05/beverage container deposit back. Reserve stands here.