Posted on April 01, 2020

As many of us may be spending more time at home, it could be a great time to think about forming new habits.  

Life is different, and the Earth has noticed. More time at home has resulted in fewer cars on the road, fewer lunches packed in zip-lock bags, and fewer empty latte cups in the garbage. Air quality is getting better and muddy waters are becoming clear, a result of our changing habits due to current health concerns. Once life returns to normal, our habits don’t have to.  

April is Earth Month and we are challenging residents to be mindful. As life returns to normal, think ahead and bring an alternative for plastic bags to the grocery store, such as a box or reusable bag. You could even opt for paper bags instead, at least those can be recycled curbside and don’t cause as much litter!  

Think about portioning snacks out in jars vs. purchasing individually wrapped items at the store. If you want to really go for the gusto, think about using traditional floss instead of thsingle-use plastic picks. Thinking ahead helps save the Earth, and it can also help save you money. It just takes a little extra time and thought. 

While our traditional “Bag Swap” looks a little different this year, we still want to increase awareness with a friendly competition between our communities. Keep an eye out on your city’s Facebook page in April. To help them earn points, share our message about changing habits with your Facebook friends. The city who gets the most Facebook shares at the end of the month, will win an all-weather bench made of recycled plastics.  

Join us and do your part in being kind to the Earth during this challenging time. The more we all work together, the bigger the impact we will have.