Comm OutreachIn some ways, Metro Waste Authority is working to put ourselves out of business; Our core business, at least! The agency was originally formed to manage a landfill in Polk County.

We manage waste from a holistic, environmental perspective. The more we can recycle, the less waste goes into the landfill. We’re much more than a landfill, and we’re glad you came to check us out! 


Environmental protection is at the core of our organization and it drives our daily operations, as well as the services we offer. For example, landfills are scientifically engineered to protect air quality and groundwater. But, at Metro Waste Authority, we go beyond meeting those minimum environmental requirements to create smart, safe, and sustainable solutions. We practice what we preach and encourage others to dream big and do the same. This is why we have established two $1,000 scholarships available to students who meet the following requirements. 


Public Art

Metro Waste Authority has demonstrated a Paintstrong commitment to the revitalization of Des Moines’ Eastern Gateway. Choosing to lease space for our headquarters in the 1990’s, to building a contemporary, mixed-use office building that helped spur economic growth in the early 2000’s; we have a history of investing in the vitality of the East Village.