Learn more about the Curb It! recycling program, what's accepted, and where it goes.

Curb It! Residential Recycling Program

Curb It! is the residential recycling program in most Central Iowa communities. Each residence is equipped with a green Curb It! cart to set at the curb bi-weekly on the same day as garbage collection.

NOTE: Des Moines residents have a blue cart. The same rules apply, but Des Moines Public Works manages collection.

When do you pick up in my city?

To determine your collection week, match the color of your recycling cart lid (black or green) with the color of the week on the calendar.

What can I recycle?

Green and black lid Curb It! bins

What you recycle is even more important than how much you recycle. Accepted materials include paper, plastics with twist- off lids, aluminum and tin cans, and glass bottles and jars.

View a full list of accepted and not accepted items.

I have more items than my cart holds.

If you routinely run out of cart space, consider getting a second recycling cart by participating in the Curb It! Extra program. To enroll, call 515.244.0021.

What should I know before I toss?

  • Briefly rinse accepted recyclables.
  • Keep 'em loose. Don't put your recyclables in plastic bags - plastic bags are NOT recyclable in your cart. They damage machines and keep your good recyclables from getting sorted.
  • Break down boxes to conserve space.

Is my city eligible?

Most communities in Central Iowa offer the Curb It! program. See eligible cities.